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The committed travel specialist

Despite our excellent knowledge of Costa Rica, in the era of hyper connectivity, making a place for ourselves among online travel agencies and blogs blooming on the web is a challenge.

The establishment of partnerships, both with local tourism actors and actors involved in sustainable tourism in other countries, quickly proved to be a necessity in order to offer our customers atypical, memorable and responsible trips.

At the beginning of 2020, our presence on social networks finally caught the attention of Babel Voyages, a web media with the vocation "to make as many people as possible aware of committed travel and the values that result from it: altruism, open-mindedness, respect for cultures, consideration for our planet and its ecosystems...", values that Atípico Costa Rica defends with conviction.


Babel Voyages is first and foremost a web media with several hundred articles written by a team of young people passionate about sustainable tourism; but also a travel guide freely accessible on the Internet that references the best addresses, activity providers and receptive travel agencies around the world. Among the latter, we are happy to be able to find Atípico Costa Rica.

Ah, one more thing... know that in addition to the countless good deals that members of the web media freely share, they are also at the origin of the No Mad Festival, "the meeting place for responsible travel enthusiasts. »

Enjoy reading on Babel Voyages!

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