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Rent a campervan

Imagine being awakened at dawn by the singing of birds, open your tent or the curtain of your van and see the top of the most beautiful volcano in Costa Rica still active. In the back of your vehicle, you prepare a hearty breakfast in the fully equipped kitchen, and finally enjoy a delicious coffee from the region, all in the heart of a luxuriant nature.

Aerial view of the Arenal volcano and a campervan
Campervan on a dirty road in Costa Rica

After a morning excursion that will leave you with wonderful memories, you finally decide to take the road again in the direction of a fine sandy beach. Pacific coast or Caribbean? The decision is up to you, and a few hours later, you are parked in the shade of a coconut tree, feet in the ocean...

Campervan in Playa Sámara
Sunset on the roof of a campervan

A shower next to your vehicle, and you are ready to set up your camp for the evening. The sunset is heavenly and the sound of the waves gives an incredible atmosphere to your outdoor dinner, a busy day synonymous with a peaceful night in your campervan!

Kitchen at the back of a campervan
Tent of a campervan

This is the daily life of the adventurers who opt for the most atypical style of travel in Costa Rica, guaranteeing them a perfect autonomy, security and economy at the same time.



Intelligently arranged, the vehicles of Costarider Campervan are as well adapted for trips in couple as in small groups.

While the vans designed for up to 3 people have a sleeping area with a bed of 1.90m by 1.40m, the 4x4s and their two tents can comfortably accommodate up to 5 passengers.


Each vehicle is also equipped with a shower area, a kitchen and many utilities that will facilitate your adventure, to discover on our partner's website!

Costarider campervan


The fleet of Pura Van is composed of 6 vehicles, some of which can accommodate up to 6 passengers.

Each is equipped with a roof tent, a canopy and a shower. The kitchen is located in the trunk of each van with, among other things, a gas stove, a sink, a 40L cooler and many utensils.

A first aid kit and assistance material are also provided in case of an incident.

* Discount on the total amount of the quote, excluding additional insurance.

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