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Drake Bay

Idyllic destination enclaved in the Osa Peninsula, no traveler in search of adventure and nature lovers should omit a stopover in Drake Bay when discovering Costa Rica.

Due to its geographical proximity to places exceptionally rich in terms of biodiversity, the peaceful village of Drake has developed remarkably over the last few decades around ecotourism. Thus, its bay is the origin of daily excursions to the Isla del Caño Biological Reserve, the Térraba-Sierpe National Wetland and the famous Corcovado National Park.

While the village's restaurants mainly offer traditional cuisine based on fresh fish and seafood, the accommodation offer meets the demands of travelers, whatever their budget. Thus, it is possible to stay in Drake from a bedroom in a sometimes slightly rustic house to a luxurious bungalow with an ocean view.

Beware, there is no ATM in the village of Drake!

Drake's map

Located in one of the wettest regions of the country, the heavy rains that create this unique biodiversity can make access to Drake difficult. It is preferable to access it by boat from the town of Sierpe or by plane via the local company Sansa Airlines. The "Rincón" runway, which is about 20 kilometers long and crosses several rivers, is also an option during the dry season from January to April.


With no less than 6,000 species of insects, 500 trees, 367 birds, 140 mammals, 117 amphibians and reptiles and 40 freshwater fish, this protected area is known worldwide as the natural habitat for 2.5% of the planet's biodiversity.


Accessible by boat from Drake Bay, the sectors of San Pedrillo and Sirena allow you to discover, in the heart of the primary tropical forest, a fauna and flora endemic to the region including endangered species such as the tapir.

Image de Jeremy Bishop


16 km from the Osa Peninsula, the Isla del Caño Biological Reserve preserves a marine area of 5'800 hectares, an important passage area for humpback whales and various resident dolphin species.

This reserve has the largest coral reefs on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica and makes it a perfect destination for snorkeling or diving.


Several hikes can be made without a guide around the Golfo Dulce forest reserve and the Punta Río Claro wildlife refuge.


Starting from Drake Bay, heading west, a trail along the coast for more than 5 kilometers leads to the beach of San Josecito.



By boat from Sierpe, by plane or 4x4 during the dry season (January to April).


Pacheco Tours & Appartments

In a comfortable apartment with ocean view balcony.

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