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Our responsible commitments

Costa Rica's natural and cultural resources are known worldwide, making tourism a key sector of its economy. Faced with this craze, tourism development is a driving force for improving the human well-being of local communities. However, it is essential to reconcile this development with the preservation of cultural integrity and of the environment. We are therefore talking about sustainable tourism.

Each trip we organize generates positive environmental, social and economic benefits thanks to the associations we support and the collaborations we maintain with local stakeholders.

As intermediaries between travellers and managers of tourist infrastructures, our role is to choose with care providers who share our values and to diligently control the effects of our activity, requiring the application of regular preventive or corrective measures.

We work with qualified guides to introduce you to the country's natural and cultural heritage, as well as with members of local communities who are delighted to share their customs and traditions, their cuisine and craftsmanship; a promise of authentic hospitality!

Objectifs du tourisme durable

The objectives of sustainable tourism, source: Atípico Costa Rica

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