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When to travel to Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is generally characterized by 2 distinct seasons:

  • the dry season - or summer (verano) - from January to April;

  • the rainy season - or winter (invierno) - from May to December.

In fact, the many microclimates that make up the beauty of this country make weather predictions a little more complex than that. We have carefully studied the data from several weather stations in order to offer you the best times of the year to visit each of its regions.


Surfers in the Nicoya Peninsula

Guanacaste and the southern part of the Nicoya Peninsula belonging to the Puntarenas constitute the driest region of the country. The seasons are also the most distinct there. Some of its localities do not register any rainfall during the summer months, making the happiness of the tourists in search of sunbathing. The beginning and the end of the rainy season are mild, which makes it possible to enjoy the region and its beaches almost all year round. Beware, the Monteverde, famous for its cloud forests, is an exception and is constantly wet.

Recommended months: November to August.


Poás volcano

Although this region follows the same rainy/dry season pattern as Guanacaste, rainfall is higher all year round. The months of July and August, offering days with beautiful clearings, constitute a "small summer" during the rainy season.

Recommended months: December to April, July and August.


Nauyaca waterfalls in Dominical, Costa Rica

These regions follow the same rainy/dry season pattern as the previous ones. However, the rainfall is more important all year round. It is therefore recommended to discover these regions during the dry season.

Recommended months: December to April.


Puerto Viejo de Talamanca

Unlike the rest of the country, the Caribbean region shows very little variation in rainfall and tends to be rainy throughout the year. However, it is during the months of September and October, during the peak of the rainy season in the rest of the country, that the best weather conditions are met to discover the Caribbean.

Recommended months: January to June, September and October.

Costa Rica is therefore a great destination for wellness and adventure tourism at any time of the year! Although the dry season (from January to April) is the best period for those who wish to discover all the regions of the country, the months of September and October are the best to discover the Caribbean coast. Finally, the months of July and August together form a "veranillo" or short summer in the central valley.

When to travel in Costa Rica ?



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